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Early music education

Crickets ProgramIn Crickets, children ages 4 to 6 years are enrolled with no audition or interview required. Taught by specially trained and highly qualified music educators, the methodology is the same proven methodology used since 1976 in CCM’s Conservatory program. CCM Crickets classes are very comparable to MusikGarten, Music Together and KinderMusic classes, and often take up where those earlier classes leave off.

All CCM classes encourage children to learn through play, and the Crickets Classes are no exception. Children proceed through a variety of games and other joyful activities to provide them with a foundation in all basic elements of music. This music training is a wonderful application of using the voice as the musical instrument in small group music training. It’s actually much better than any kind of private music lessons one might consider, since the children learn faster and have a better experience learning in small groups. Children this age should NOT be subjected to private voice lessons!

Crickets do not perform in a choir like their older counterparts in the Conservatory Program. Parents may be included in classes from time to time, not only to observe their child’s music development, but also to participate in shared musical experiences with their child. At the end of the school year, Crickets present a very informal demonstration of their activities and achievements to parents and older students.

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Some of the many benefits of the Crickets Classes are:

  • The enhancement of self-awareness

    Children usually do not realize when they are speaking loudly, quietly, quickly, or slowly, and they have no inclination to their pitch or tone of voice. Crickets class emphasizes these points and coaches the children in realizing how, and how loud, they are speaking (this is a benefit for parents as well as students).
  • Better results in school

    Everyone knows that music literacy leads to better grades in mathematics, reading, and science because of the reasoning skills and cognitive development music literacy develops. Crickets classes help the children develop an interest in music, that leads to an interest in music literacy, that will benefit their grades, and ultimately, their lives.
  • An education for our vocal instrument

    We are all born with the ability to sing, and sing well. The difference for most of us is in the training we have received. Start your kids in the right direction, and watch your child’s improvement.
  • The kids have FUN!

    Your kids have a blast. Plus, according to an interview between First for Women on the Go Magazine, and Dr. John M. Ortiz (which was later published in Cambridge College's Alumni Connection Magazine and similarly amongst others), Music releases endorphins which help fight depression, as well as leave you in a good mood, this fights cranky kid syndrome.
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