Wish List of Goods and Services

  1. Reception desk / workstation – please contact about size
  2. Nino cajon multi-player percussion instrument
  3. Ten 4’x8’ Corkboards in oak frames
  4. 4 CD/ipod players for the classrooms
  5. Entrance mats, inside and out – Grey, dark blue or black, 3’x5’
  6. Outside CCM sign
  7. Outside awning over CCM entryway
  8. New portable electric piano with 88 weighted keys
  9. Wheeled amplifier
  10. TV with DVD and/or Blu-ray option
  11. Vacuum cleaner
  12. Plumbed drinking fountain
  13. More sound-proofing in the classrooms and rehearsal hall

Gifts in kind

“Gifts in Kind” are greatly appreciated and contribute to the ability of CCM to provide the best musical experience for all its students and their families. Monetary support is always welcome, but your gift of a specific good or service is equally valuable. The “Wish List” at right includes much-needed items that benefit our students, teachers or staff, and is updated on a regular basis. If you have questions about any item or would like to donate items not listed, please contact our office before making a purchase or arranging delivery. In most cases each item on the list has specific size or type requirements.

After reviewing the list, complete the form below declaring your intent to give a gift in kind. We will contact you to make the necessary arrangements for receiving your gift.

Thank you for your support of CCM!

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