History and Performances

CCM founder, Dr. Betty Bertaux
Education Director and Founder, Dr. Betty Bertaux
Founded in 1976 by distinguished music educator and composer Dr. Betty Bertaux, Children's Chorus of Maryland and School of Music (CCM) is one of the oldest and most distinguished programs of vocal literacy training and choral music education in the United States. For many years, CCM was one of very few choral music education programs in the country which offered separate musicianship training classes in addition to chorus rehearsals, and which met twice per week as recommended by experts in the field of music education. Several other children’s choral music education groups have now styled their musicianship training classes after those of CCM.

CCM began with a core group of six children who met in a private home. Betty Bertaux's goal was to provide children with exemplary vocal music education and with performance opportunities equal to the children’s musical accomplishments and to the organization's music curriculum standards. After a period of absence, Dr. Bertaux returned to CCM in 1999.

CCM has won top honors, competing with as many as 210 choirs from around the country and as the featured choir at Carnegie Hall. Performing by invitation at the White House, the Kennedy Center, music educator conferences, and many other exciting venues around the country, CCM choirs regularly enjoy standing ovations from audiences of laypeople and music professionals alike. Individual choir members have successfully auditioned for group and solo parts in various productions.

CCM choirs have also performed in Canada, Europe (Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Budapest, Kecskemet), in Hawaii and at Disneyland, and have appeared as artist-in-residence and guest artists for the International Kodaly Symposium and the International Music Festival in Hungary.

Venues and collaborators

CCM choirs regularly perform in world-class venues and often partners on collaborative performances with reknowned professional artists and institutions. Past performances include tours and festivals in Nova Scotia and Banff, Canada, as well as Hawaii, Disney World, Vienna, Salzburg and Prague.

Examples of CCM performance venues and partners include: